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Posted by: FatJoe and Eat Uranium
19.08.2021 18:00 GMT

It’s with great sorrow in our hearts that we announce that in these past few days, two of our former developers have passed away.

Peter Wal (better known to us as ArminAce) and Chad Pippenger (better known to us as Chad509).

Chad509 joined us in 2011 as an animator. With his attention to detail and sense of weight and motion he not only gave life to our weapons but a sense of character as well. His work can still be seen in Forgotten Hope 2 on the M1A1 Thompson. Chad also laid the groundwork for the animation workflows we still use in Forgotten Hope 2 today. He had a sense of duty to the mod and other developers and was always willing to teach and help. Chad will be dearly missed.

Shocking news that Chad is not with us anymore. He was the first to get me into the animation field and helped me develop a visceral style in my works. He will be truly missed.

Micah 'Roughbeak' Reigstad

ArminAce led the development team for the majority of the original Forgotten Hope releases. He also made many of the most iconic and loved maps such as Sector 318, Battle of Foy, Kharkov Outskirts, Counterattack and Alpenfestung, to name but a few. He set the tone and mood for the mod with his love for detail and all the easter eggs he hid in his maps and models. Besides his own contribution to Forgotten Hope, he also inspired us to learn and improve and become developers ourselves. His impact on Forgotten Hope, the community and us developers is indescribable. Peter will be dearly missed.

I for myself want to say " Thank You " for all the great hours of joy I had playing Forgotten Hope 1 and working on Forgotten Hope 2. All the Love of Detail, Easter Eggs and genius Concepts we found in your Maps and Models!

Thank you for inspiring me to start myself to model, texture and map, my own career in the Gaming Industry...

We salute you!


Our broken hearts go out to the loved ones of both Peter and Chad, our friends. May their bodies rest but their spirit live on in our memories.

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